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Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

4 Most Asked Questions For Mismatch Bridesmaids Dresses…

Bridesmaid fashion has come a long way since the puffy shoulders and bright colours. Modern bridesmaid dresses are elegant and just beautiful! From the pretty pastel colours for the summer bridesmaids or even the rich rustic autumn colours for winter bridesmaids. Colour and style is very important when choosing the right bridesmaids dresses because it’s only fair you all feel great on the big day. 

Very important you choose the right bridesmaids, but most importantly the right dresses!!

Most asked questions for choosing the right bridesmaid dresses… We have the answers for you…


1. How to Mismatch Bridesmaid dresses?


If you find a dress that you absolutely love and really want the same style for all. You can embrace the versaility of mismatch dresses within your bridal party by opting for different colours. Take time to really know what colour scheme you want and get all the swatches you can, but try not do more than 3 variations in colour.

2. Same Dress Colour In Different Styles For My Bridesmaids?



This option is perfect for the bride who wants to hold fast to the tradition of everyone in the same colour, but also acknowlegdes the fabulousness that is diversity amongst her bridal party. This is great idea to have different style dresses for womens all different sizes, because that can be tricky finding the right dress to match everyones taste. Not every dress is flattering for every person, so bridesmaids can really appricaite this choice of styling.

 Also, your allowing your girls to pick their favourite styles and be happy and comfortable with the choice they make. 

These Green forest tones we are using here give off a very autumn, vibrant bridesmaids idea. These colours would be great for a garden wedding, winter wedding and pretty much any type of wedding as the colours are great for all seasons and all skin tones. 

3. How do I coordinate mismatch bridesmaid dresses? 

Different dress styles in different colours that sit perfectly together…

Lucky Lilac Style - focus on the pastel bridesmaid colours and add a deep dark purple tone.




Royal Rose Edit – Royal blue is always a winner and why not add navy to add a sophisticated, classy look to your bridesmaid dress choice…



If you’re going to commit to using different bridesmaid dresses, you might as well go all out! This can be extremely beautiful and different, with each colours and tones you use, you have to make sure you get the colours right… otherwise this won’t work… but here are some ideas for you to see how great this idea can be. For this option, you can stick within the same family and play with different colours, fabrics and tones. Just make sure once you have selected the dresses, make sure you see them all together – it will all come together and create a beautiful and creative look. 

Most importantly… 

4. How can I know which flowers to get for my bridesmaids to match there dresses? 

Remember, flowers are a statement and they represent purity and love. Adding flowers to the bridesmaid’s makes the whole outfit come to life, so make sure you get this part right…