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Take the Perfect Selfie

Ladies, let's talk about taking the perfect selfie for all your glamorous needs. Whether you want to take a cute photo for your instagram story, a new video for your TikTok. Or maybe its a photo for your Bumble account. Follow these steps and you will be blowing away the competition. 
The key to taking a good selfie has a few factors. The most importantly being lighting. Without light you will just have a black screen. So let’s get some lighting tips for you.
Let’s start by talking about natural light. Natural light is Free, it doesn’t get much better than that. Although it’s bound by time so get snapping, from sunrise to sundown. Only kidding. Unless you want to waste all your phone’s storage space. Find a big window and stand in front of it. The light coming in from the window will give your skin a nice illuminated look with beautiful highlights in your eyes. If the sun is high it could create some harsh shadows. You can fix this by putting up a diffused curtain in front of your window. The light will become softer and spread more evenly across your face (the same method can be used outdoors if its an overcast day). If you feel like there is still some shadow under your eyes and chin, you can hold a piece of paper underneath and this can bounce the window light upwards and fill in all those shadowy areas.
  • Sun is FREE, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
  • Good to get some fresh air.
  • Suns only out for part of the day. Depending on the time of year.
  • If the sun is too high it can create unflattering harsh shadows.
Using flash or another form external lighting are good tools to improve your selfie game. They aren’t dependant on the time of day and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. There are lots of great options from the flash on your phone or even a beauty ring light from Amazon.
If using your rear camera flash to take photos, you may find that the flash could be too harsh on your face. You can take a thin piece of tissue / paper to diffuse the light from the flash and give it a softening effect.
Some ring lights can clip on your phone so it can be used portably. If using a big ring light you can normally buy one that has a stand, this will make it height adjustable and give you those lovely light rings in your eyes.
  • You can control the intensity of the light.
  • Take any time of the day.
  • Can be expensive
Practicing your posing in the comfort of your home is a good way to practice your posing. Use a mirror and just be yourself. Everyone is doing the same as you so never feel uncomfortable to take a selfie. If you need to practice angle your phone high and pointed down.
Confidence is key when it comes to taking photos. Own what you got! Simple as that.
You can position your camera a few different ways. You can hold it, put it on your dresser, on a stand, or even on the floor. Whatever it takes to get the right angle.
Try tilting your camera down or up. If you are holding your phone up high and tilting the camera down you are most likely going to get a more slimming effect and making yourself seem smaller. If you hold the phone / place the phone on the floor tilting up. You will look bigger and taller. You can use these methods to your advantage. When trying to show your full ensemble you can till the camera up and stand closer which will extend your legs and make your head very small. If pointing down you will be focusing more on your facial features.
Applying make-up and filters to yourself can make your photos more flattering depending on the overall effect you’re trying to go for. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, FaceTune have filters built into their apps to make you look super glam. Some effects change the colouring to make your skin lighter and sparkle with warmer sunny tones, giving you a more bronzy tanned look. Closest you may get to a real tan without going on holiday.
Makeup can add mood to your pictures. Applying a little eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush can create depth to your face and really make your features stand out.
Get your cameras out and start taking all your beautiful selfies in front of the mirror, with your girlfriends, showing off that new dress you bought.