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How To Tie Multiway Dress: The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Your Multiway Maxi Dress


Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses to suit your bridal party but you can’t all agree on what style to go for?

Does your bridal party have a variety of shapes and sizes?

Do you want your bridesmaids to be able to show their individual style on your big day?

Let’s face it girls, one of the hardest parts of buying bridesmaid dresses is finding one that suits everyone in the bridal party, everyone is different shapes and sizes, and some like to be a little bit more daring with their dress choices. Perhaps you’d like the girls to look modest and elegant during the ceremony (look no.13 is perfect for this!) however the bridesmaids may want to transform their look in the evening and create something a little more risky (lookout groomsmen)

The Jolie Moi Multiway Maxi Bridesmaid dress is ideal for bridesmaid groups that simply cannot decide on one style that suits them all. We understand that you all have a unique and individual style and you want to flaunt it and feel fabulous in your dress. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to how to wear the multiway maxi dress, and we have designed it with all women in mind. Fitted with a bandeau that can be worn up or down means you can wear this multiway dress with a bra or without a bra. The bandeau gives additional support, security, modesty and most importantly…. Somewhere to keep your phone throughout the day!

 We have tried and tested 16 different ways to tie the multiway dress and we’ve put them all together in a handy infographic below (TIP: save the picture to your phone and pull it out on the big day when you feel like changing up your style) The multiway dress instructions below showcase just a fraction of what is possible with this dress, so feel free to get creative and create something that no one else has thought of.