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Dresses for the most Magical Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Tips & Tricks for Bridesmaids, Wedding Guests & Photographers

Would you like to know What to wear as a wedding guest & how to get the create the best winter wedding photos on the big day? Read this article to find out more!


Winter is an increasingly popular time for couples to get married, meaning many venues and photographers are now busy all year round. There’s something lovely about a wedding in the colder autumn and winter months; seasonal decorations, candles and warming comfort food.

It is also a wonderful time of the year for photography.  Winter weddings can feature some of the most spectacular sunsets, as the light from the sun has to pass through more of the atmosphere in the winter, the golden hour is also beautiful

Wrap up warm!

It is important to choose your winter wedding outfit for the worst case weather scenario. Many brides may be happy to endure the freezing temperatures and pose in just their wedding dress for that shot of a lifetime. However, if the photographer is feeling cold, they may naturally rush through everything to get back into the warm venue…

…so if you’re a photographer, make sure you wrap yourself in many layers, also advising the bride and groom to bring a coat to keep themselves warm in between shots. An umbrella or some winter boots could also save your day, along with some other accessories which could be used as props for some fun photos!

Choose an outfit that has thicker material & sleeves to ensure maximum protection from the harsh weather but still looking glamorous. We have linked some beautiful bridesmaid, wedding guest and mother of the bride dresses  that will keep you warm during a wedding in winter:

Wedding Guest Dresses

Pictured left to right: Bell Sleeve Dress, Flare Sleeve DressTwist Knot Front Dress

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Keep warm with these Faux Fur Wraps/Shrugs


Pictured left to right: Faux Fur Bolero, Faux Fur Stole Wrap


Natural light is limited during winter time, so if your heart is set on natural light, schedule a morning session/ ‘First Look’ or finish the ceremony earlier, by about 2-2:30pm at the latest. It is best to take outdoor winter wedding photos in natural light, with a reflector and a tripod. If you are using a flashgun, make sure to use a diffuser to soften the light. Off-camera flash is also better than on-camera flash.

You can still get some amazing shots later in the day, however they will either be darker and moodier, or they will have to be shot with artificial light. All shots are achievable, but they need time factored in to set up and test lighting. A confetti shot for example, can’t be shot spontaneously if it’s dark as extra lighting will be needed.

Bear in mind that flash photography is not always permitted during ceremonies.

Be conscious of the winter sun - if there is one. If you shoot towards the sun or position your subject in the sun it can cast harsh, long shadows that may distract the viewer from the subject.


If it’s snowy, take advantage of the striking white backdrop that you won’t get in other times of the year. Create pops of colour with objects like a bouquet of flowers or the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Choose bridesmaids dresses that would look stunning against a clean, snowy background.


Pictured: Lace Bodice Pleated Maxi Dress

If you want to include winter landscapes in your photos, the crisp view often looks better in black and white than in colour. Positioning your subjects against an endless sky and clean white backdrop can create atmospheric shots.

Decorations and backdrops

Large seasonal decoration displays and bright locations with bustling crowds make a great backdrop for winter wedding photography, as they can create a warm and vibrant scene. Stopping somewhere for a mulled wine or seasonal treat can make for some lovely, candid images.


It is important to leave extra time for travel in the winter months. The roads can be hazardous, particularly if it snows. If the photographer is far from the venue, it’s worth considering having them stay over the night before. Extra time will make the day less stressful

Book an experienced photographer

If it is you that is getting married in the winter, make sure you book an experienced photographer – winter weddings can be some of the trickiest to photograph. Do they have a plan to light all of your shots if any take place after dark? Are they competent with off-camera flash and lighting? Portraits at night take a lot more skill, more planning and additional equipment.



To make sure that every aspect of your winter wedding is perfect, make sure everybody is warm, make sure you make the most of the day by utilizing the best hours of daylight to capture memories that will last a lifetime! Choose the right outfit, whether you are a bridesmaid or a wedding guest you’ll need to be comfortable & warm throughout the day.  We hope these tips help you get through a freezing wedding photo shoot and achieve great results. Good luck!